ClipTwin FAQ

ClipTwin is running. How could I copy my clipboard content to the device that is shown at the bottom of the screen ?

Just tap on the device icon, it will react as a button. For example, if you see your iPad's icon at the bottom the screen, just tap it and your clipboard will be sent to it.

Can I copy between my Mac and my iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch ?

Yes you can*. (see note) You have to install ClipTwin for Mac. Is is a simple menubar item that appears at the top right of your MacOS menubar with a list of devices you can paste to.
To install it, just double click on the preference pane downloaded from here and click "Start" :

Can I copy between iPhones, iPads and iPod Touchs ?

Yes* (see note)

Can I copy between my Mac and another Mac ?

Yes* (see note)

Can I copy between my Mac user account and another user account of my Mac ?


Can I copy images ?

Yes. You can also copy an image file from the finder.

Can I copy text ?

Yes. You can also copy a text file from the finder.

Can I copy web/email content ?

Yes. You will see an icon on ClipTwin's preview with a "WEB" title. The limitation is that the only place where you can paste the result on the iPhone and on the Mac is the apple mail application.

Can I copy videos ?

No. Support as been removed by Apple since iOS 4.

Can I copy other formats ?

Only between Macs for the moment. On Mac, you can also copy Finder's files if there are not folders or "packages". We are going to think about which other data formats to handle on iPhoneOS in future releases.

Can I copy all items of my iPhone/iPad/iPod clipboard ?

No because the Mac only supports one item at a time (10.5). But you can choose the clipboard item that you want to copy by scrolling horizontally on their previews.

What are Hardware/OS requirements for ClipTwin for Mac ?

All Macs running Leopard 10.5 or Snow Leopard 10.6 (Intel and PowerPC).

I have opened Cliptwin on my iPhone/iPad/iPod but nothing appears at the bottom of the screen. What could I do ?

Check if Wifi and/or bluetooth is enabled at both sides (the sender and the receiver). If you are using Wifi, check if the two devices are on the same local network (the same access point). On some Wifi networks with rectrictions, "Bonjour" discovery used by ClipTiwn may not work. If this is your case and one of the device is a Mac, you can share is internet connection through wifi from "Sharing" settings on System Preferences. If none of the devices are Macs and if iPhones and/or iPod Touch are at least a 2008 model, you can enable bluetooth on both.

I have tried to copy my clipboard to the other device but app seems frozen ?

On iPhone/iPod Touch, quit the app and open it again.
On Mac, choose "Cancel" on the cliptwin menu and retry. If it frezes again, try to stop and start ClipTwin from its System Preference Item.

Lion Support ?

You can download ClipTwin for Mac 1.1 now. It partially supports Lion 10.7. A problem remains : not possible to paste a file in the finder. If you discover other issues with Lion, please send us an email explaining how we can reproduce. Thanks.


Please go to the AppStore page to find the contact email. Don't hesitate to send us feedback. Thanks for your support. ClipTwin on the iOS AppStore

* For several devices to discover themselves on the network, you have to be connected on the same Wifi access point. With iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch released since 2008 (not with Macs), copy could be done via bluetooth (bluetooth must be enabled on both devices). You should note that bluetooth is less reliable and very slow compared to Wifi.
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